Ready to Soar

She is an entrepreneur, influencer, investor, mentor, and mother. If there was any businesswoman to look up to it would be this lady, Naomi Simson. Her journey as a small business owner, champion and advocate has inspired many women across Australia to really strive for leadership in business, including me.

As I sit and hear Naomi share the stories behind the success of her business I am captivated by her sense of vulnerability. This strong, independent and intelligent woman who could easily be mistaken for intimidating was in fact alluring me by her gentle approach to being brutally honest.

As I resonate with her words of wisdom on making plans and developing a roadmap for success, I was also paying attention to her communication style. You see, Naomi was talking to an audience of male business owners about her journey to success and instead of talking at them, she was talking with them. As true influencer with a passion to help others succeed by seeing the value in what they deliver to their customers it was imperative to talk to her audience as if she on the same level or facing the same challenges. To understand, to share, and more importantly to communicate together is what brings a channel more aligned in achieving a common goal.

This is something that I have struggled with in the past. Being told that you are intimidating for being strong minded is no stranger to me. Being conscience of that and getting your message across may seem like an easy concept to adapt to, but I can tell you now it isn’t. It has taken 5 months to really be aware of my words, tone, and delivery and how others would perceive the information before I could even work on improving it. I’m now at that stage where I can stop myself from saying something before thinking it through. In fact, it’s actually quite funny how quickly I can now pick up on what I say and how I say it.

This illusion that females need to be a certain personality to lead is false. I had witnessed this by the way Naomi was speaking to her audience. She is soft in her approach yet sending strong messages in her words. She is talks about the experiences on starting a business and in that includes low moments yet she is expressing the normality of these events.

As I listen to this incredible woman influence me on understanding the breadth and depth on business and business delivery, I am in fact ready to soar in developing my communications skills so I am able to stand on that stage in the future and have the audience connect with me the same way as they did for Naomi.




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